Spatiall focuses on actively developing & improving a modular next-gen spatial representation engine, which makes use of technologies such as WebGL, 3D & (web)VR.

The primary products/markets of the company are an event ticket booking platform, focused firstly on entertainment venues with numbered seats available, as well as bespoke enterprise spatial representation showcases.


The bad news: You’ll still need to make coffee on your own. But other than that…


We bring ticketing up to snuff, i.e. make it modern and reliable.

Experience seats | Offers Near Me | Loyalty Scheme


It all has to work really well, and have that snazzy look and feel.

Micro-zoning | Gamification | Vouchers


The pinnacle of our design process, something to improve further every day!

Web3D | WebGL | WebVR


Powerful & User Friendly

Seeing is believing. This button will take you to our alpha-2 experience showcase, which is in itself a taste of things to come. Here’s the short version of how it works: Pick a memorable scene from our selection. Check out how a movie theatre would look like on our platform when booking tickets. Follow the prompts, and enjoy!

Experience our Demo


We have diverse backgrounds, but since we’re born and bred around ICT, there’s a certain amount of geekiness that tags along with our professional experience. C’est la vie!

John Matzavrakos

John has a robust ICT and product background and oversees the company’s direction and growth from both a business and a technical point of view.

Managing Director

Panagiotis Agapiou

Panagiotis has an ICT & web apps development background and will manage the company’s product development and design processes efficiently.

Technology Director

Charis Takas

Charis is an impressive growth hacker and all-things-marketing machine; we perform as he commands in order to reach our audiences and grow!

Growth & Marketing

Spyros Kakaroukas

Spyros is an excellent source of networking & ICT infrastructure knowledge. With his assistance, our scaling, design and redundancy aspects are secured!

IT & Infrastructure

Christoforos Tsoukaris

Christoforos has significant experience with project management as well as working with/managing development teams. If we were a party, he’d be our whip!

Project Management & IT

Panayiotis Lekkas

Panayiotis is experienced in contemporary immersive technologies, including 3D app programming, WebGL and VR/WebVR. His role is to further evolve the experience layer features of the company’s products.

3D/WebGL Developer


We are proud to be supported by these fantastic organisations, whose multi-layered guidance has already helped us write many new exciting chapters of our story!


Want to get to know more? Arrange a meet and greet with the team? Fear not, we are here to carefully consider your wishes! Just fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you…We promise!
  • hello@spatiall.com
  • (+30) 218 218 80 81
  • 190, Syngrou Ave. 17671 Kallithea, Greece